Friday, 29 May 2015

A week in the wardrobe of a 3 month old ...

A week in the wardrobe of a 3 month old ... 
Weather: mild with showers
Size: mainly 0-3months 
Wearing: my favourite pieces for him are leggings/joggers, he does have jeans and dungarees but i imagine what I'd like to be wearing rolling around on the floor and comfy pants always win. He has been gifted and I've bought him clothes from all over, He has a lot of Next pieces I think they have some of the more trendy items from the high street shops.

Where: Supermarket trip with Mummy
Wearing: Cardigan - knitted by Nanna, long sleeve vest and leggings - Gap, socks - George at Asda 

Where: 'Baby Chat' group 
Wearing: Cardigan - knitted by Nanna, long sleeve vest and dungarees - Next, socks - George at Asda  

Where: Trip to Mummy's work 
Wearing: Hoodie and Tshirt - Next, Knitted leggings - M&S (part of a two part set), socks - George at Asda, trainers - Adidas 

Where: Baby sensory class 
Wearing: Cardigan, vest and dungarees set - M&S, socks - George at Asda, trainers - Converse 

Where: Walk with Daddy 
Wearing: Tracksuit - River Island, Vest - Sainsburys, socks - H&M 

Where: Catch up with Mummy and Daddy's friends 
Wearing: Onesie and Socks - George at Asda 

Where: Rainy day in the house 
Wearing: Woody Onsie - George at Asda ( we also have Buzz!) 

The first 3 months...

So my plan was to blog as I was going along, however I found as my routine changed my laptop was left in its bag. 
And baby naps have been used for running around putting a wash on, washing the pots or eating! 

Now he is 15weeks, we've cracked naps (well not every day, but mostly) and he's much happier to lie and play. Leaving me a bit more time to write on here... 

3month milestones

Feeding - breast and formula 
Sleeping - 3 naps (ideally) and wakes up once during the night 
Actions - loves tummy time, great head control no support needed and loves to be held standing up 
Noises - starting chatting (agoo, Oo, a) 
Smiling - lots of smiles (yet to get the laugh!) 
Favourite toy - Lamaze bright green octopus and yellow rubber duck