Friday, 29 May 2015

The first 3 months...

So my plan was to blog as I was going along, however I found as my routine changed my laptop was left in its bag. 
And baby naps have been used for running around putting a wash on, washing the pots or eating! 

Now he is 15weeks, we've cracked naps (well not every day, but mostly) and he's much happier to lie and play. Leaving me a bit more time to write on here... 

3month milestones

Feeding - breast and formula 
Sleeping - 3 naps (ideally) and wakes up once during the night 
Actions - loves tummy time, great head control no support needed and loves to be held standing up 
Noises - starting chatting (agoo, Oo, a) 
Smiling - lots of smiles (yet to get the laugh!) 
Favourite toy - Lamaze bright green octopus and yellow rubber duck