Monday, 16 March 2015

My favourite baby items for a newborn

When I was pregnant I read every blog and every list on what I needed, didn't need, things that were essentials and those just nice to have... There are so many lists out there!
Excluding key essentials eg nappies, babygrows a bath etc etc there are a few little extra bits which I have found to be absolute life savers. 

The Cocoonababy is a cocoon shaped memory foam mattress which is shaped to allow your baby to lie in a semi fetal position, it is also meant to help reduce the involuntary jerky movements which babies can get while sleeping and startle them to wake, limit gastric reflux due to the slope and reduce the risk of flat head syndrome.
The mattress comes with a padded fitted cover which can be easily removed and washed and a strap which crosses over the babies tummy making them feel secure and also safe from rolling off once the baby is old enough to move around.

Roman loves being held and putting him down into the flat crib especially if he isn't cuddled/swaddled in a blanket often wakes him. The cocoons shape curves around him and must make him feel much more secure and comforted as he is much less likely to wake. He has enough room to wriggle is happy to lay in the cocoon whilst awake, the slope of the cocoon means he can see much more of whats around him than if he were lay flat.

As well as Romans comfort and him being able to sleep soundly, the mattress is light and can moved easily so he can be lay in it in any room in the house. We place it in the crib at night, the sofa during the day, the bathroom while I take a shower. He does have a bouncy chair and swing which he enjoys but is much less likely or comfortable to sleep in for him.

It is on the more expensive side at £130, and I was in two minds on whether to buy it. I had seen it at a baby show and was impressed but unsure how much I would use it and with all the other bits you have to buy for a baby it did seem like a bit of a luxury buy. Luckily I got given this as a gift at my baby shower as I really couldn't imagine life without it. Roman sleeps in the cocoon most nights and naps in it during the day so he can be in the same room as me and I can keep a close eye on him. 

As he has grown we use this a bit less as we have become more comfortable to put him in his crib upstairs in the evening. But we still use he's happy to sit in there while we chat or play. 

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Unit

I got this second hand from a baby sale on the suggestion of my mum. I think no matter how many people tell you when you are pregnant how much you will be changing nappies you cant really get your head around it you are actually doing it!

The nappy disposal bin, has a roll of bags, which separately contains each nappy and means you can quickly dispose of the nappy. Very easy to change the roll of bags and put the nappies in the outdoor bin, ( this is needed maybe 1 or 2 times a week). It's very good at keeping that nappy smell at bay!