Thursday, 12 February 2015

Finding Out I Was Pregnant

I found out I was pregnant on 13th July 2014. I had found out 8 weeks earlier that I had polycystic ovaries and had been told that due irregular periods I was likely to find it hard to become pregnant. My appointment with a fertility specialist was booked for August, to find out more about my situation and whether I would need help with falling pregnant.

I must say I hadn't taken the news particularly well and was very down about it. Although at that time I wasn't desperately trying to get pregnant, the thought of it being hard or not possible in future for me was heartbreaking. Of course looking back now, that 8 weeks is nothing in comparison to struggle many women go through with polycystic ovaries, many struggling for years, with fertility drugs or IVF a struggle I can't even begin to imagine... So to be where I am now I could not be more GRATEFUL!!!

I had been feeling extremely bloated for about 4/5 days... very unusual for me. After asking many people 'why do you get bloated?', and just receiving traditional answers of too much bread or pasta, knowing this wouldn't be the reason for me, I tried that ever 'reliable' and ever more commonly relied upon plan of googling it! Two more suggestions came up... hormones for coming on your period OR pregnancy! 

Unsure due my current diagnosis either would be correct, I bought a pack of 2 pregnancy tests (clear blue, a normal test and a dating test), with no expectations of a positive result.

The morning of 13th July, I got up before my boyfriend and took the first test... POSITIVE... sitting their staring at the test I felt overwhelmed but also surprisingly calm (pure happiness?)... I then decided I wanted to do the other test not quite believing the first... the agonizing wait proceeded to need to go to the toilet, downing a pint of water, finally after what felt like an age... a second POSITIVE!

With both tests... saying nothing ran upstairs to show him both :) 

Thrilled but filled with disbelief after being told this was likely to be a much longer struggle; over the next few weeks I must admit I took probably another 10 tests, at least!; along with a visit to my GP and a private scan. 
After being so sure this would be a challenge, believing it was/is real, even now seems like a dream come true.