Friday, 27 February 2015

Maternity Leave To Do List ... Achievable?

I am lucky enough to have a very supportive boyfriend and I am in a position where I am planning on taking 6-9months off work, I will keep you updated on how this pans out. This meant I could take 3 weeks holiday before my due date and start of maternity leave.
 A few weeks ago I was feeling great, quite a lot of energy and I was wondering whether 3 weeks was too much... however as we came to the last week of work my sleep quality seriously depleted with the larger bump and sudden on set of carpal tunnel, working long hours and up to an hours commute each way did start to take its toll on me! I do admire those who work closer to their due date, it takes a lot out of you! Even after being off work 3 days with my sleep quality not really improving I still do not feel rested, with the restored level of energy I was hoping for! Apologies for the slight moan, I do feel we are all entitled to a quick moany moment every now and then.

My plans for maternity leave are, as I'm sure most other mum's to be are...

To become wonderfully organised 

Have a completely finished, clean and tidy house
(we have odd bits to do, after moving in a year ago we have most decorating done, its just those finishing touches and organising which needs to be done)

To have all things for the baby ready and prepped 
(I still have a few bits to buy, and finishing touches in the nursery, which I have loved designing and decorating, I will post on this once complete)

Fill the freezer with a mix of ready prepared easy cook options for when the baby arrives 
(chilli, soups, cottage pie, other suggestions welcome)

To be wonderfully rested

(I have a lot to learn, and a lot to post :) ) 

I am also trying to add more swimming into my weekly routine. I've never been a huge gym fanatic but I did enjoy the gym up until about 20 weeks when I just felt a bit too big and a bit too tired, where as with swimming being a low impact source of exercise I have found it much more enjoyable. I have also been doing yoga throughout my pregnancy and really enjoyed it (I will look at doing a full post on my classes and what I have learnt).

I do wonder how prepared I can actually be... and what of my list I will actually achieve, especially when one of the most important is being rested. 

How prepared did you find yourself?